Ajay Sethi

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Bangalore, India
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Dr. Ajay Sethi joined Accel in 2013.

Over the last few years, he has worked with almost all portfolio companies to help them achieve deliberate and sustainable growth. Along with a team of domain experts (the "Growth Team"), he helps portfolio companies to build better "castles" and dig broader/deeper "moats". The Growth Team not only provides frameworks and templates for product-led growth but also works closely with the portfolio companies based on actionable insights uncovered via quantitative and qualitative benchmarks (across various drivers of growth such as product, organic acquisition, paid marketing, and brand).

Prior to Accel, Ajay was an entrepreneur for 8 years. He started his entrepreneurship journey in 2005 and his first startup was amongst the earliest VC-backed companies in India. His startups built, launched, and scaled category-first products such as mobile-only search and “search networking” engines (with Airtel, Nokia, Justdial, etc. as customers), innovative ML-based Data-as-a-Service (with global customers such as Google, Navteq, etc.), and a mobile payments service (along with the first Designed-in-India and Made-in-India mobile POS device).

Earlier, Ajay spent 8 years at Oracle. Besides rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, the highlight of the stint was the project to "parallelize" programming languages at Oracle (the other being earning a Certificate in Finance from UC Berkeley). For this, he leveraged parallel and distributed computing/compliers experience gained while doing his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Rice University and B.Tech. in Computer Science at IIT Bombay (where he is proud to have contributed towards the compiler for India's first supercomputer).


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