First Partner to Exceptional Teams Everywhere.

Twenty years ago Accel became convinced that innovation would evolve from being limited to a few regionalized pockets of intense creative activity to become an all-encompassing worldwide phenomenon — ultimately resulting in the emergence of technology leaders founded around the globe. To act on this belief, we initially established an Accel team and early-stage fund in London to proactively partner with entrepreneurs in Europe and Israel.

Eight years later (twelve years ago), building on the success of our European efforts, we then established an Accel team and early-stage fund in Bangalore. The premise was the same — identify and partner with local entrepreneurs seeking to build leading global-scale technology companies from India’s emerging market.

Fast forward to today, we remain steadfast in our conviction to partner with extraordinary entrepreneurs and innovative companies, wherever they may be located. And over the past two decades we have been able to successfully work with some of the most interesting and valuable technology companies worldwide, including: Atlassian (Sydney), Browserstack (Mumbai), Crowdstrike (Irvine), Flipkart (Bangalore), Freshworks (Chennai), Qualtrics (Provo), Slack (Vancouver), Snyk (London), Spotify (Stockholm), UiPath (Bucharest), and dozens more. 

Looking back, the one constant has been entrepreneurs aspiring to create category defining businesses, regardless of country origin. To everyone’s benefit the opportunity for these entrepreneurs has kept pace with their aspirations over the past decade. Since 2012, the universe of technology companies worth over $10 billion has more than quintupled, and their aggregate market value has grown even faster. And what’s more, the number of $10 billion+ companies founded outside the U.S., and their aggregate value, has risen at an even greater rate than those started in North America.

At Accel, we believe that the global entrepreneurship opportunity is just getting started and will continue along this trend. Similar to what we have witnessed over the last decade, incredible companies and founders will undoubtedly continue to emerge from the most imaginative places.

Our latest fund, a $2.3 billion global later-stage vehicle, is dedicated to supporting these exceptional entrepreneurs and businesses as they work tirelessly to grow into global technology leaders. Tightly coupled with our existing early- and growth-stage efforts in the Bay Area, London and India, our international teams will now collaborate on a single, unified fund to support emerging technology businesses from initial seed investment at inception all the way through IPO. 

We could not be more excited to see what the future of global innovation brings. But for now, back to work.

—The Accel team