For nearly 40 years we have held the immense privilege of actively partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs and their teams as they build transformational companies across the globe.

While the world has changed dramatically over the last four decades—and particularly over the last 10 years—our team remains moored by the guiding principles instilled in us by our founders. From the start, they prioritized a mindset and conviction that innovation and talent can come from anywhere. This eventually led Accel to set up local teams and establish a deep presence in exciting regions such as Europe (since 2000) and India (since 2008).

They also cultivated a deep sense of curiosity coupled with the discipline of preparation and research which enables us to move quickly across our global team once we identify founders whom we believe are building category-defining companies like Atlassian (Sydney), Browserstack (Mumbai), Celonis (Munich), Chainalysis (New York), CrowdStrike (Irvine), Flipkart (Bangalore), Freshworks (Chennai), Miro (Perm), Qualtrics (Provo), Slack (Vancouver), Snyk (Tel Aviv), Spotify (Stockholm), Swiggy (Bangalore), UiPath (Bucharest), and dozens more. Through this prepared approach, we can strip away competing distractions and focus on helping these exceptional teams build defining companies. 

Our decades-long experience has also taught us the importance of patience and discipline—especially during periods of volatility and change like we are experiencing today. Accel has navigated multiple economic cycles before, across many different regions and industries. Through it all, we have been persistent, steadfast, and energized by the goal of turning emerging technology companies into global enduring businesses, both in good times and bad. 

With that in mind, we are announcing the close of a $4 billion global, later-stage fund. This fund is a critical element in our global strategy, and will provide expansion capital to promising companies within our own portfolio worldwide, as well as to aspiring companies that are new to the Accel family. It also complements our early-stage and growth-stage funds where we will stay focused on being the first partner to Seed, Series A, and bootstrapped or lightly-capitalized businesses.

Looking ahead, it is with curiosity and enthusiasm that we seek to meet and work with exceptional founders and teams around the world.

– The Partners at Accel