Back in 2012, when we made our first investment in Sumo Logic, there were two markets that were fundamentally redefining enterprise software: Big Data and Cloud Computing—both were relatively new, but growing quickly. It seems crazy to say today, but at the time there were also very few companies that were built from the ground up that leveraged both these areas—one of which was Sumo Logic, which was the perfect marriage of cloud monitoring and log management. It took courage and real vision to take on a well established log management incumbent with this innovative approach.  

The Sumo Logic team was—and remains—one of the most technically excellent that we have had the privilege of working with. They are pioneering the “continuous intelligence” category and at a time when teams are largely distributed and thus even more vulnerable, Sumo Logic’s platform is critical to protecting companies against hacks and breaches from 3rd party apps or integrations. In addition, Sumo Logic’s cloud native technology enables real-time operations to secure, troubleshoot any app in any cloud.

As a company, Sumo Logic checked off a number of key themes for us at Accel, Big Data and Cloud Native, but also our deep history of investing in Security, including our partnerships with Crowdstrike, Tenable, Snyk, Demisto and more. 

It has been a 10-year journey, and like all category defining companies, it’s not always up and to the right. But today’s huge achievement is a true testament to Ramin’s leadership and ability to attract and build a world-class team and lasting culture that is delivering essential products to companies around the world. Our sincere congratulations to Ramin and founders Christian and Kumar and the entire Sumo Logic team.  We may be toasting you today virtually over Zoom, but are incredibly excited for your future ahead.

Thank you for being a part of the #AccelFamily. 

—Ping and the partners at Accel