Over the past 40 years in tech, Accel has partnered with exceptional startup teams. Our ongoing discussions with founders, engineers, sales leaders, and marketers focus on navigating challenges, managing growth, and pursuing disruptive concepts. With each conversation, our perspective on the ever-evolving tech landscape is enhanced. 

Today, we are excited to share these conversations with you in our new technology podcast series, Spotlight On

Highlighting AI trends with industry founders and innovators

Spotlight On will examine the technology trends shaping our world, through conversations with the tech leaders building it. In our first season, we'll take a look at one of today’s biggest inflection points: artificial intelligence (AI). 

We, like many others, think AI will be the next great driver of change, but we also recognize we’re in the earliest innings and there is much to learn. In this season, we’re bringing together a range of company leaders across different industries and stages to discuss how they’re navigating the current AI revolution.

In this AI podcast, you’ll hear from leaders at some of the most innovative companies in the world including Alexandr Wang, CEO and founder of Scale AI, Victor Riparbelli, CEO and co-founder of Synthesia, and Daniel Sturman, CTO of Roblox about the pressures, challenges, and opportunities of managing companies and teams during today’s rapid AI advancements.

Founders from companies like Assembly.ai, Ada, Checkr, Cinder, Merge, Transcend, and more will also share their own lessons learned, including: how and why they’ve chosen to go “all in” on AI and transform what were once features into their core offerings, reimagining their products to meet consumer demand and filtering through the noise to make the best decisions to grow their companies and teams during this period of massive transformation.

With “Spotlight On: AI” as a starting point, we’re excited to use this platform to share different perspectives, strategies, and breakthroughs from company builders at all stages of company growth. Learn more at Accel.com/SpotlightOn.