We’re thrilled to share the news on our latest seed, Agave!

We love companies that attack the data plane beneath large, fragmented clouds. The best ones aren’t just integration businesses — they apply orderly schemas that allow apps to speak the same language and help customers tame unruly data silos. If there’s anything this generation of intelligent automation needs, it’s well structured data.

Agave is one of those rare right-team-meets-big-problem companies we love to support. Tom, Sam, Pooria and John met at Graphiq (acq’d: AMZN) where they went deep into the backends of the construction cloud. At Agave, they blend their unique insights into ConTech’s data problems with a tenacity of action that’s propelled them to insanely fast growth. They’re quickly architecting the standard data backbone for the built world, earning the right to do much more in the future.

Agave is hiring founding engineers. If you’re keen on organizing data for one of the largest categories of GDP, come join us!