Today, we are pleased to announce our investment in unitQ, the product quality platform built to identify, monitor, and fix mission-critical quality issues from user feedback. unitQ is creating a new category for product, engineering, and support leaders that allows them to ensure that their products are reliable and consistently working as intended. The company was founded in San Francisco, California by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom — and we’re so excited to welcome them to the Accel Family!

We’ve known Christian and Nik for many years stemming from their previous venture, Skout, the mobile social networking company used by millions. The founding story of unitQ deeply resonated with us because it came from a need that all product and engineering teams encounter and what Christian and Nik struggled with while building Skout. Companies are faced with millions of siloed data points across customer support tickets, social platforms, surveys, and customer experience tools. These insights consist of customers' positive feedback, pain points, and feature requests that are imperative to building a successful product. In today’s world, lean teams manually sort through this qualitative data and categorize learnings to prioritize action items. The mass amount of user feedback makes it difficult for companies to focus on what needs attention, which compounds as companies scale and a manual approach tends to fall short.  Simply put - are products working as they are intended?

unitQ is the unified platform that automates insights from all of your customer feedback platforms and gives teams a single source of truth for product quality issues: password reset, verification, billing, promotional code errors, checkout experiences, site maintenance speeds, etc. Customers expect a seamless product experience and will quickly find alternatives if there is too much friction throughout their interaction. It’s essential to pinpoint these non-trivial issues as quickly as possible. Product-led companies of all shapes and sizes like Chime, Cornershop, Strava, Pinterest, and Nerdwallet have cited real ROI after using unitQ - increases in revenue, lower churn, and improvements in engineering efficiency and releases. The pursuit of product perfection requires contribution from each part of the organization, and unitQ is a powerful layer that helps align product ops, engineering, support, and more. 

Accel has always looked to partner with companies that listen to their customers intently, implement feedback immediately, and measure results to create a product their users love. unitQ is helping product-obsessed companies and is striking the same vein as some of our most prolific partners, such as Qualtrics, Freshworks, and Slack to help companies monitor their user feedback. We’re thrilled to be on this journey with the team, and couldn’t be more excited to support them as they set out to help companies build great products globally.

Read more about unitQ’s next chapter here and TechCrunch’s coverage here.

-Andrew Braccia and Ben Fletcher