In the last decade, companies everywhere have experienced a significant migration of their data –  to the cloud. A successful cloud must be secured, controlled, and governed. At the foundation of all these systems and processes, teams are required to establish the answer to one critical question about authorization: who has access to what data? 

Historically, CISOs and IT teams responsible for managing authorization have found it to be an area of quicksand, since multi-cloud environments are extremely broad. Identity has its own language, cloud IAM frameworks have their unique languages, and authorization of the end systems (apps, data, services) have their own system specific authorizations. Given the nuances and privacy considerations of app and data-centric authorization, it has been difficult for one solution to give data and security teams the insights to understand, manage, and control authorization.

Veza helps data and security teams manage this with ease. The platform takes the complex nature of authorization across identity, cloud IAM, apps, and data, and provides complete visibility into permissions for any enterprise identity in a centralized, SaaS control panel. Its breadth of coverage includes over 40 integrations from the likes of Microsoft SharePoint, GitHub, AWS Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure RBAC, Snowflake, Hashicorp and many more. The breadth of integrations across enterprise tools may seem like a lot for the user, but when we first were introduced, what struck me was the sheer simplicity of it all. The Veza team has made their product very easy to try, broadly implement and consume on a daily basis and have already seen impressive adoption among a variety of enterprise customers.

Leading the charge at Veza is Tarun Thakur, Veza’s Co-Founder and CEO and a serial entrepreneur. At Veza, Tarun works alongside an incredibly sharp team with conviction, strong data skills, and decades worth of Identity and Access Management expertise.  

Today I’m excited to share Accel’s investment in Veza. It represents the latest in a long history of cloud and security solutions here at Accel – Axonius, Crowdstrike, Cycognito, Netskope, Sysdig, and more. In Veza, we see the same potential to become the leading insights and authorization platform for the cloud.

Welcome to the Accel Family.

-Eric Wolford