The fiercely talented team at Makelog unveiled their Seed round today. We’re thrilled to back JJ Nguyen, who we’ve known as a wear-all-hats-operator at three rapidly growing Accel companies in Segment, Scale, and Radar. JJ is the type of founder we love supporting: deeply insightful, infectiously kind, and eager to move mountains to solve problems. In fact, it was from those experiences that she observed a common pattern.

Teams built around continuous innovation and delivery endure many costs. But the most painful for customer-facing teams is getting an active pulse on the features and fixes that are getting out the door. How does a rep know that SAML/SSO has shipped to support compliance-conscious accounts? Or an account manager handling a major customer that a key bug had been fixed impacting her renewal? Staying on top of rapid change means parsing through semi-structured, hard-to-interpret events pulsing through tools like Jira or Github.

Beneath a “team communications” problem was actually a data problem.

The Makelog team has been deep in the weeds of the developer stack to pull out and structure the key events that underwrite releases big and small. It’s the first ever Product Ledger, and we think it’s going to change release management indelibly.

We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for them. The feedback from our early design partners has been exceptional. And we’re live for everyone to try!