We’re excited to share Accel has co-led a Series A in Deepnote, the leading data science notebook company.

For years, Juypter notebooks have been the convergence point for some of the most important and advanced thinking in the world. They are the canvas for exploring data in computationally-intensive fields like the life sciences, economics, healthcare, and finance. The insights behind everything from drug discoveries to fraud detection start with data, code and content compiled in a notebook. 

Bringing notebooks to the cloud, and wrapping them in a powerful layer of collaboration supercharges a data team’s workflow, and extends the boundaries of discovery.

Jakub and his team have been deep in the guts of building Deepnote into the best cloud notebook experience for the broadest base of users. The converging forces of cloud computing, cloud data, and open source machine learning frameworks are powering new capabilities for data teams. Deepnote ties it together for them. We can’t wait to support their continued work toward being a default workbench for data teams everywhere.