We’re thrilled to be leading the Series A for Gamma, AI-powered software that lets anyone build and share well-designed presentations.

Presentations are a core unit of communication in business. Maybe the core unit. Marketing decks and sales proposals. QBRs and PRDs. Weekly kickoffs, annual strategy sessions. Business reports, investor updates. They’re containers for critical business information, and lightweight business intelligence altogether.  

Building them is a painstaking exercise in distilling thoughts, organizing flow, mixing data with media — and snapping it all into the right structure. Their flexibility belies the unnerving challenge of putting story around business logic. Turns out, that’s been the core problem to solve all along.

Gamma is the most intuitive presentation tool we’ve ever used, helping users to go from idea to presentation at the speed of AI. Like many of the best AI companies of this generation, they tuck complexity behind a prompt, but are pragmatic about helping users with fit and finish. Today that manifests as slides and websites. But tomorrow that can be any unit of content a business shares on any channel. What Canva has done for the b2c world, Gamma is doing for b2b.  

Grant, Jon and James are founders that thrive in this new era of AI-powered software. They blend an in-the-weeds intuition around technology with a deep user empathy and “jobs-to-be-done” mentality — that together results in powerful software and delightful user experience. Because as game-changing as AI is, there’s still user with a need at the end of it all.

Every great idea deserves a Gamma. We’re so amped to support this small but mighty team confronting one of the largest productivity software markets in the world. We’re hiring the most exceptional, hard-working, passionate teammates we can find. Come join us!