Back in 2011 in Madrid, Spain, co-founders Ben and Javier realised that individual consumers and smaller online merchants were struggling to navigate the maze of parcel shipping services. Finding the right combination of service and price was complex and time consuming. Especially with the outdated user experience of carrier websites built on legacy platforms, and the myriad of variations due to weight, parcel size, pickup/drop off requirements, delivery time, and signature requirements. All of which changed frequently as each carrier sought to differentiate itself in an increasingly fragmented industry.

Starting Packlink, Ben and Javier were determined to relieve all of these frustrations by aggregating hundreds of carrier services onto a single, easily searchable platform built for the internet age. Thanks to Packlink, customers could quickly and easily find and purchase the services they needed in minutes, saving time and money. Meanwhile, the company drove hard with online marketing savvy in order to identify and win shippers efficiently. 

Unsurprisingly, the Packlink team found enthusiastic adoption and the company quickly grew to become Spain's largest marketplace for shipping. As the team rapidly identified parallel market needs in other European countries, expansion to Italy, France, Germany, and others soon followed.

Through creating more sophisticated tools and integrations to ease the shipping process for its customers, Packlink's platform increasingly became the default choice for larger and larger merchants, culminating in partnerships with eBay and PayPal.

Packlink is now the leading European player in its market and, by joining forces with its US counterpart Auctane (formerly, we’re confident they’ll together continue to deliver fast and cost-effective shipping for their customers.

It’s been exciting to be a part of this journey, especially as the company responded to the rapid growth in online trade during the COVID pandemic, ensuring that Europe's sellers and shoppers could continue their business uninterrupted. We wish Ben, Javier and the Packlink team every success as they start the next phase of their journey.

Martin and the Accel team