All early stage companies start as incredible possibilities. From this beginning, the journey that entrepreneurs and their teams experience is a truly unique set of moments— some good, some challenging , but always different paths to greatness. Having been an entrepreneur myself, I experienced the twists, turns, and euphoria of this journey first-hand. And now, as a Partner at Accel, I will be afforded the privilege to partner with entrepreneurs at the start of their journey.

The Accel platform will simply allow me to continue doing what I really love — helping to build companies and being around inspiring leaders.

So what sectors am I interested in? The unprecedented increase in the creation of accessible data, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the ability to deliver this in new interfaces has created an incredible opportunity for innovation. This will transform the way we work and interact and I hope to partner with those incredible entrepreneurs driving this transformation. That moment when an entrepreneur decides to set that audacious goal is the moment I want to be the first person to partner with them. And help them achieve their dreams.