To: Accel WW

As we watch the terrible tragedy of George Floyd unfold, and witness the subsequent wave of protests that wash over our nation, it is impossible not to be moved by the deep anguish felt by minorities and communities of color everywhere, and by Black Americans in particular.  

This cannot be, and should not be, normal in 2020 America.

The Accel team stands for civil rights and equality of justice for all. In addition to the Black Americans who have unjustly died, communities of color continue to pay a heavy price for the racism that persists in our country. We all need to understand the underlying issues causing this inequality and do our part to evoke change.

As Accel begins to investigate organizations with potential to drive structural reform, today we are starting by contributing to the following groups working to achieve longstanding and permanent shifts for good in these communities: The Equal Justice Initiative ( and The United Negro College Fund ( We are also creating an employee matching program where Accel will reinforce our team's personal contributions to organizations and causes that support social equality and justice.

Accel realizes this is only the beginning on our part though, and we will be engaging in ongoing dialogue on what our team can do to be persistent in these efforts. This is hopefully the moment where we can all rise from tragedy to effect real progress and change for the betterment of common humanity.

Starting with us at Accel—it is time for us all to imagine, and commit to, a new way forward.

—Team Accel