Restaurants are where memories are made, and friends and family gather to share meals, stories and laughter. But, while the front of house is focused on providing an exceptional customer experience, the back of house is often plagued by inefficiencies and manual processes. Outdated systems, a lack of visibility, and rising costs are just a few of the hurdles that restaurants face on a daily basis. It's a problem that has been simmering away for years, with no clear solution in sight.

When we met Conor, his deep understanding of the complexities that restaurant operators face everyday was immediately apparent. Having founded a fast growing restaurant group himself, Conor knows all too well the frustration of having to rely on a patchwork of outdated systems to juggle everything from staffing to inventory management. It’s this firsthand experience that led Conor and his team to build Nory - an AI-driven operating system for hospitality businesses that solves operators' daily challenges and enables them to increase productivity. 

Nory's strength lies in the depth of its product, having been built alongside and battle-tested with customers and real-world use cases. Its modular platform delivers a comprehensive suite of in-venue and back-office management capabilities, including demand planning, smart staffing, and inventory optimization - all powered by advanced AI and data analytics. 

The powerful and intuitive all-in-one operating system provides much needed access to a central, real time source of truth for all restaurant types - from local family-owned businesses to global enterprise chains. As we got to know the company better, we were particularly impressed by the customer love expressed by every size and type of restaurant we spoke to. Nory’s customers told us that everyone on their teams -  from management at head office to restaurant employees - were using Nory everyday and seeing a real impact on their bottom lines. It’s clear that the Nory team had built a transformative product. 

Today, Nory is working with the likes of Buns From Home, Jamie Oliver Group, and Roasting Plant Coffee across the UK, Europe and the US and its platform has been proven to reduce costs by almost 20% and increase EBITDA by more than 50%. This is just the start.

We're excited to be partnering with Conor and the Nory team at a time when the restaurant industry is facing increasing challenges, from surging labor and input costs to supply chain disruptions. Nory’s mission to offer restaurant groups a modern, all-in-one platform that helps them run and improve their operations isn't just a win for restaurant owners: it's a game-changer for the entire industry.