We are excited to share that Accel has closed $3 billion across three new funds: our fifteenth US early-stage fund of $650 million, our seventh early-stage fund for Europe and Israel of $650 million, and our sixth growth fund of $1.75 billion.

We are grateful again for the support shown by our Limited Partners, many of whom have been with us for nearly forty years. These partners, which include many large foundations, university endowments and research institutions, charitably finance and do ground-breaking, critical work to advance important social and scientific causes. In these challenging times that work is more important than ever. It energizes us to play a part in their efforts. 

Though much has changed in the world with entrepreneurship stretching across the world at an accelerating rate, much has stayed the same at Accel. We long ago designed ourselves as a global partnership to work with the most innovative companies, wherever they may originate — be it a UiPath in Bucharest, Romania, a Crowdstrike in Irvine, California, a Slack in Vancouver, Canada, or a Freshworks in Chennai, India. Today’s exceptional founders are not bound by geography in the pursuit and realization of their visions, and we think the next generation of technology leaders will follow this same pattern — taking local inspiration to the global stage. We endeavor (as we always have) to be there from the very start, and for every step along the way.

Accel is entering its fourth decade as a firm. Again, thank you to our founders and entrepreneurs, Limited Partners, and extended Accel family for the trust you place in us every day. We’re excited as ever for what’s ahead.

— The Partners and team at Accel