With three weeks to go until our Fintech Summit EMEA on 29 November, we’re excited to announce the latest speaker line-up for our payment and infrastructure panels. Joining the all-star line-up on our consumer fintech and SME panels, including Codat, Funding Circle, Melio, Monzo, Revolut, Soldo, Trade Republic and Zepz, we’ll be welcoming GoCardless, Mollie, Plaid, Primer, Stripe, Super, Swan and Tink to the stage.

The evolution and reshaping of the payments landscape

While fintech as a whole - like most sectors - has felt the impact of this year’s downturn and investment has declined across the board, payments remained the top sector for fintech VC funding in Q3. With the movement of money forming the foundation of every business, the size of the global payments pie is mind-boggling. Following a difficult 2020, payments industry revenues rebounded last year, growing 11% and hitting $2.1 trillion globally according to a recent McKinsey report and there’s still huge opportunity and innovation ahead. 

The likes of embedded finance and DeFi have shaken up the industry in recent years and the impact of Covid-19 is still shaping the payments landscape. Cash usage declined by 15% in 2020, failing to bounce back when high streets opened again, and A2A transactions continued to increase. Legacy payments infrastructures are being overhauled as a result of the rise of instant payment, open-banking requirements and cloud technology and there are a wealth of opportunities ahead for both incumbents and disruptors alike.

On this panel, GoCardless, Mollie and Super will cover areas such as the consumerization of SME AP/AR payments and the rise of B2B BNPL, why the pace of digitisation of B2B payments has lagged behind B2C, the increasing adoption of open banking as an emerging payment scheme in Europe, and how international payments are set to become faster and cheaper in the future.

From behind the scenes to centre stage - infrastructure in the spotlight

Fintech infrastructure companies have been the glue powering not just the fintech ecosystem but the wider global economy. As well as freeing traditional banks from their costly legacy systems and enabling challenger banks to move faster, they underpin everything from transport and food delivery apps through to marketplaces and SaaS platforms. 

With Europe’s open banking rules, improvements in APIs and the rise of embedded finance, every organisation has the ability to become a financial services company and unlock tremendous value for their customers. As we navigate an economic downturn, marketplaces, platforms and more will increasingly seek to improve their unit economics, build deeper customer relationships and stay competitive. 

On this panel, Primer, Plaid, Swan and Tink will discuss how fintech infrastructure companies have democratised access to financial products and look at how the space may develop in the future.

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