As we get ready for our Fintech Summit EMEA tomorrow, we’re excited to unveil the fantastic  speakers taking part in our Web3 and buyers’ perspectives on Europe panels. If you haven’t signed up to be part of our virtual audience, you can do so now here and we look forward to seeing you online tomorrow!

Web3 panel

What does the future hold for crypto and Web3 when the dust settles on a turbulent 2022? The crypto and Web3 industry has undoubtedly gone through a painful correction this year. The value of all cryptocurrencies has fallen around 70% - down $2 trillion from their November peak - while NFT trading volumes tumbled 97% in September from a record high in January. Tokenomic (and business) models exposed to a bear market have been shown to be unsustainable, and many have identified a ‘crypto winter’. As a result, the Web3 and crypto sceptics - baying for the demise of the sector from the sidelines - have become louder.

However, for many teams working in Web3, it has never been about currency or NFT prices, but the fundamental idea that blockchain can reshape the internet for the better and digital currencies will democratise and streamline the future of money. And that’s where the future of Web3 lies. Firms building the backbone of modern and future internet infrastructure are remaining resilient, and haven’t lost faith in the transformational power of the blockchain.

On this panel, experts from across the Web3 industry will discuss why blockchain will continue to play a pivotal role in the future of the fintech industry, and what’s in store for DeFi infrastructure, crypto trading platforms, smart contracts, NFTs and more.

Buyers’ perspectives on Europe panel

In this session, our panellists will discuss what lies ahead for European fintech M&A in 2023 from a buyer's perspective.

Europe is home to category-defining companies in the fintech space, from payments, to consumer, B2B and infrastructure. European fintech companies continue to attract more and more capital from local and global investors, contributing to a meaningful portion of the global fintech fundraising volume. Out of the top 50 European unicorns, 29 are fintech.

European fintech companies have had successful exits, both via IPOs and M&As. Fintech M&A picked up in 2021, with more than $80B of transactions announced since. The recent market correction has impacted fintech more than most other sectors, slowing down M&A strategic activity. How have the exit prospects of European private fintech companies changed? On this panel, representatives of leading acquirers of fintech companies will discuss how the recent market correction has impacted their M&A strategy, as well as the attractiveness of European fintech companies more broadly, any differentiating elements vs competitors from other geographic regions, and the quality of entrepreneurs and talent.

Join our virtual audience tomorrow and see what our panellists think lies ahead for fintech!