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Founded in 2016 by Mike Murchison and David Hariri, Ada is an AI-powered CX platform that fuels meaningful interactions between brands and their customers. Digital-first enterprises like Zoom, Square, and Facebook rely on Ada to create hyper-personalized customer experiences at scale, reduce customer effort, and elevate the impact of customer support within their organizations.

Company building is an opportunity to learn. To learn about yourself and the world. The core lesson that I’ve learned is the difference between commitment and attachment. Earlier in my journey, I was so attached to the outcome of what I was building. I thought I saw the future manifesting in a particular way, and I was very attached to how the product looked and felt. What I’ve since learned is that it’s critical to be committed to a future, but not attached with how you get there. A commitment to solving a problem, but an openness to a variety of solutions is critical to entrepreneurial success.
Mike Murchison, Co-Founder & CEO
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