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Arista Networks delivers software-driven cloud networking solutions for large-scale data centers and computing environments, with a product line of multilayer switches and its own network operating system, Extensible Operating System (EOS). A globally recognized company, Arista has delivered products to businesses worldwide and serves customers across industries, including leading global technology companies in financials, web 2.0 and cloud/service providers, building public and private cloud computing systems.

The company was founded in 2004 by David Cheriton and Andy Bechtolsheim, and Jayshree Ullal was named CEO and President in 2008. Accel partnered with Arista in 2012, and just two years later Ullal lead Arista Networks to an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange (June 2014). With a commitment to delivering quality, reliable products, and an agile approach to continual performance improvement, the team at Arista has continued to be recognized as a leader in the networking technology space.

"Every technology company must navigate its phases of success and the first phase rarely resembles the next. Next generation leadership needs thinkers who can identify the risks, find the hidden jewels and build upon them."
Jayshree Ulla, CEO & President
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