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GOAT is the global platform for the greatest products from the past, present and future. Since its founding in 2015, GOAT has become the leading and most trusted sneaker marketplace in the world, and has expanded to offer apparel and accessories from select emerging, contemporary and iconic brands. Through its unique positioning between the primary and resale markets, the company offers styles across various time periods on its digital platforms and in its retail locations, while delivering products to members globally.

"Passion and resilience have been two of the most important values in my journey of entrepreneurship. I've learned that not everything will work out the way you anticipate, and that's ok. When challenges come your way, the key is staying consistent and true to your vision. If you're passionate about your business and resilient during tough times, then focus comes much easier. And it's that focus that lets you tackle the important things like defining your business plan, finding product market fit, and recruiting a world class team."
Eddy Lu, CEO and Co-Founder
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