Andrey Khusid


Miro, a pioneer in the visual collaboration category, helps organizations and enterprises unlock creativity, increase productivity, strengthen collaboration, and rapidly innovate. The platform serves as an infinite, online canvas where teams can co-create quickly and inclusively – regardless of location – in-real time or asynchronously. Thousands of organizations have adopted Miro as part of their core collaboration stack to help them solve complex problems, design products and services, improve processes, exchange ideas and bring them to life in an agile way.

“We started Miro with the goal of transforming the way teams collaborate to dream up the next BIG thing. To build a market for a new type of platform, you need to start with the right mindset and the right foundations. For us, the most important piece of that foundation is a culture of customer obsession that drives continuous innovation. It also means having the leaders and team members who can prioritize for long-term success. I’m proud of all we’ve achieved and that Miro is positioned to be a critical tool in the workplace for generations to come.”
Andrey Khusid, Founder & CEO
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