Santiago Sosa (CEO)

Alejandro Vazquez

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Nuvemshop is the leading eCommerce platform of Latin America. It provides a platform with a comprehensive partner ecosystem of solutions and services around payments, shipping, inventory management, marketing and more, so SMBs and mid-size businesses can access world-class technology and achieve economies of scale that only enterprise-level retailers once could.

"Being an entrepreneur is a challenging job in any part of the world, and Latin America is no exception, with its own flavor and nuances. On the other hand, it's an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling job, in which people can transform passion projects into thriving businesses, while driving impact through the generation of employment and innovation. At Nuvemshop, we are big believers that small business owners can make a huge impact in the socio-economic development of our region, and we have been working to make this easier; by providing the tools necessary for anyone out there to make a living out of their own dreams."
Santiago Sosa, CEO & Co-Founder
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