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Public is an investing platform that lets everyone build a portfolio across any fractional asset class. Founded and launched in 2019 after early funding and development, Public is redefining what a modern portfolio and sophisticated investing experience is. On Public, members can build their portfolio with any fractional asset – from stocks & ETFs, crypto & NFTs, and art & collectibles – all in one place. This ownership unlocks an experience that's contextual to one's portfolio. From social audio programming around breaking news and insights from experts, conversations with company leaders on its Town Hall Q&A, to insights and analysis from a community of millions of other investors, creators and analysts, and more

"Building a company is a series of millions of decisions. We're big believers in creating autonomy through alignment, because autonomy without alignment is anarchy. Clear principles help people make decisions on their own, without creating misalignment with the rest of the company."
Leif Abraham, Co-CEO
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