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Nicolaus Schefenacker

Julius Koehler


Founded in 2015 by David Nothacker, Julius Köhler and Nicolaus Schefenacker, sennder is now Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder. sennder operates in the traditional trucking industry but with a digital solution. It has created an online platform that connects shippers with a fleet of thousands of trucks. The company is focused on providing automated and data-driven services to improve the transparency, flexibility and efficiency of goods distribution.

"The old cliché that you learn most from your failures really is true. I sensed same-day delivery was a possibility but couldn’t quite break the mold with my first venture. Then, with Julius and Nico, we turned our attention to digitalizing trucking, which I couldn’t believe still ran off pen and paper. Along came sennder 2.0. We are now on an amazing journey to revolutionize freight by making it simpler, quicker, greener, and more cost-efficient to move Full Truck Loads (FTLs) across Europe. With over 900 employees and eight offices, I feel we’re uniquely positioned to drive industry digitalization, benefiting shippers and carriers alike – our priority from day one. Keep on trucking!"
David Nothacker, CEO & Co-Founder
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