Johnny Ayers

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Socure is the market leader and highest valued company in the identity verification and fraud prevention space. Its graph-centric platform combines advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence with all elements of a consumer's identity to deliver the most accurate and robust identity verification and proofing, Know Your Customer (KYC), and fraud risk prediction solutions in the market.

"Pick one really big problem and attack it with everything you have - the singular goal being to become the undisputed market leader as fast as you possibly can. Market leaders recruit the best talent, the best customers, the best opportunities. Become customer obsessed and endlessly curious about solving that problem because it will evolve and you will be working on it for a decade+ if you’re successful. Never waver, never lose your grit, because you’ll be told a lot of times why something won’t work, but it’s always impossible until it’s done. And don’t forget to have a whole lot of fun while doing it."
Johnny Ayers, Founder & CEO
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