There is a massive problem around how we all spend our time.

Inside modern workplaces it’s far too common to spend the day running between meetings, tasks, messages, and distractions. Our best and brightest people are starved for time to get ahead whether that be in their professional or personal lives. Trying to maintain control over our time starts to feel like a lost cause—every new meeting invite carries with it another request to fit into our already too busy days.

The founding team at Clockwise is attacking this problem with a distinct and relevant background. The founders were significant contributors to the core technology platform at RelateIQ which successfully made sense of email and calendar signals in a CRM context.  

I still remember when Matt, Gary, and Mike told me they wanted to start a company to go deeper into the signals around calendar and ultimately give people more time to work on the things that matter. Feeling the pain myself and observing how poorly optimized most teams were, it made partnering with them from the beginning an easy decision. Clockwise's  combination of team, product expertise and vision is why we initially incubated, led their seed, and later invested again by co-leading their Series A alongside John Lilly of Greylock Partners.

The team’s system utilizes calendar data to create a platform that powers a self-driving calendar experience continually optimizing people’s time in the context of their team. The market opportunity for the company that powers and automates how people spend their time in the enterprise is huge—and Clockwise is uniquely positioned to achieve this.

Today, key teams at Lyft, Intercom, Twitter, and others are trusting the initial version of their platform to automatically make decisions around their schedule, which is now open to everyone. Congratulations to the Clockwise team on the launch today!