Accel first invested in Sentry in 2015 when we led the Seed round. In the years since, Accel has either led or co-led the A, B, C, D, and now Sentry’s Series E. 

The company’s journey has been incredible to see and experience first-hand. Back in 2015, Sentry was just a small team of three people with a big idea and a team we believed in. Today, Sentry is used by 3.5M developers at 85k+ organizations. They consider Sentry to be an essential tool for monitoring code health. 

Even a decade ago, there were far fewer digital experiences that people interacted with regularly. But given the rate of digital development, customers now have high expectations for the quality of their many digital experiences each day, and Sentry is helping developers make these experiences the best they can be. Whether it's watching the latest Marvel movie on Disney+, ordering from the neighborhood's new Thai place on DoorDash, listening to music on their Sonos system at home, buying a car on Shift, playing Xbox, browsing Reddit… and so much more.

As we continue to see the move towards a digital-first world, the speed of software development is only going to increase and there will be more and more developers. Sentry is their best friend. With Sentry, developers can not only pinpoint the exact issue but also proactively monitor their application health – helping them see and quickly solve any issues that will affect the end-user experience.

Sentry is doing more every day for these current and future developers and all of their customers! And there’s a lot more awesome stuff in the works. We’re more excited than ever to support the team.

––Dan Levine