Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Blackpoint Cyber, the leading cybersecurity platform that arms managed service providers (MSPs) to provide comprehensive cyber protection to the millions of businesses that rely on outsourced technology providers to stay secure.

The looming threat of cyberattacks to businesses is certainly nothing new. But, recently, there has been an evolution in the types of companies that are targeted by cyberattacks. 

For decades, security teams have played a cat-and-mouse game against intruders, protecting their evolving network surface area from adversaries and responding to attacks. While the largest, well-resourced enterprises in the world are still subject to an onslaught of attacks, small- and medium-sized businesses have become the new surface area for cybercriminals

And, these new targets are often least equipped to deal with threats in-house, often leaning on their managed service providers (MSPs) to administer their cyber programs. As a result, this latest cybersecurity wave has become a make-or-break moment for MSPs; cybersecurity has become central to the MSP offering.

In the words of its customers, Blackpoint is the “cyber-program-in-a-box for MSPs.” Led by founder Jon Murchison, a former National Security Agency computer operations expert, Blackpoint has developed a Managed Detection & Response offering that combines advanced threat hunting, curated application control, log analysis, and a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to combat security breaches for companies of all sizes.

Over the past 40 years, our team at Accel has partnered with category-defining like companies Crowdstrike, Snyk, Tenable, ForgeRock, and many others, and in Blackpoint, we see the same potential for a cyber platform that protects a huge surface area from threat actors.

And, we have tremendous admiration not only for “what” Blackpoint has built, but “how” the business has been built to date: with a humble, relentless focus on the customer and without any emphasis on hype or fanfare. The Blackpoint team is deeply focused on product, and has never leaned into the temptation of “growth at all costs”. As a result, Blackpoint has scaled rapidly without wavering in humility.

Blackpoint is quickly growing its reach as a one-stop-shop for MSPs to fight escalating cyber threats. This mission is one we could not be more excited to support. Welcome, Blackpoint, to the Accel Family.

- Nate Niparko, Christine Esserman, Graham Hutson