Imagine a world where the data monopoly held by giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple is disrupted. A world where data is democratically controlled and monetized by users themselves. Our investment in Kratos Gaming Network (KGeN) is a step toward realising this vision, starting with the $250 billion gaming industry.

KGeN's platform pioneers a universal, user-owned data layer that not only empowers gamers but also has the potential to reshape the entire landscape of digital advertising. By returning data ownership to users, KGeN is setting the stage for a more equitable digital ecosystem.

What makes Gaming the Ideal Launchpad for User-Owned Data?

  1. Rich Data Creation: Gamers are highly engaged, spending extensive hours in interactive environments that require constant decision making and strategy. This activity generates a continuous, rich stream of data, surpassing what is typically captured through conventional web browsing or app usage.
  2. Proven Early Adopters: Gamers are tech-savvy and open to digital innovations, making them ideal early adopters for technologies like a user-owned data platform. Their readiness to embrace new solutions can accelerate the acceptance and refinement of the data sovereignty model.
  3. Innate Understanding of Digital Assets: Accustomed to earning and trading virtual assets, gamers are naturally attuned to the principles of digital asset management and monetization. This familiarity makes them perfect pioneers for a model where personal data is treated as a valuable, tradable commodity.

The gaming community’s growing frustration with high costs—exacerbated by privacy regulations increasing customer acquisition costs and the hefty 30% tax on in-app purchases by app stores—creates a ripe opportunity for disruption.

Challenges Facing Key Stakeholders:

  • Game Publishers: Data privacy regulations have made user targeting challenging, leading to higher user acquisition costs with poorer conversions and lower engagement. Furthermore, the 30% fee on in-app purchases imposed by app stores limits monetization opportunities.
  • Gamers: Key concerns include the inability to monetize personal data, non-transferability of in-game reputation to other games or platforms, and the burden of inflated in-app purchase costs due to app store commissions.

How KGeN is creating a paradigm shift in gaming data ownership and management

KGeN is a gamer-owned reputation engine that provides game publishers with rich gamer data while bringing benefits to gamers via creation of rewards pool, cheaper IAPs, sovereignty over their data and wealth creation.

KGeN operates a unique revenue-sharing model that greatly benefits its gamer community. The platform redistributes a majority of its revenue from publishers, earned through precise gamer targeting, back to the gamers themselves. A significant portion of ownership in the KGeN network is also reserved for gamers, giving them a substantial stake in its governance and future. This revenue and ownership enhance the rewards system, increasing as more publishers participate. As KGeN profits from engaging a highly targeted audience, it shares these gains by enriching the rewards pool and solidifying gamers’ ownership rights. This approach not only boosts the value of joining the KGeN ecosystem for gamers but also fosters strong loyalty and retention, benefiting all involved stakeholders.

KGeN's Dual Benefits for Publishers and Gamers:

  • For Game Publishers:
    • Sharper Targeting & Enhanced Gaming Experience: KGeN captures 90 digital attributes per gamer, compared to the 30 attributes captured by other platforms. This precision targeting and enriched data utilization reduce CAC, increase LTV, and enhance gaming engines.
    • Improved Margins: KGeN charges only 2-5% commission on IAPs, offering publishers significantly better margins and an expanded top funnel of potential in-app spenders.
  • For Gamers:
    • Greater Rewards: KGeN gains popularity among publishers, gamers benefit from larger prize pools and platform rewards, enhancing overall engagement.
    • Reduced Costs & Enhanced Experience: With no hefty commissions on IAPs, in-game purchases become more affordable, significantly improving the gaming experience.
    • Wealth Creation Opportunities: Owning a share in the KGeN network allows gamers to govern how their data is used and potentially profit from KGeN networking ownership.
    • Control Over Personal Data: Gamers can transfer their digital identities and reputations between games, unlocking privileges such as access to closed beta programs and redeeming currency on the Kratos marketplace.

By addressing these systemic issues, KGeN is not merely enhancing the gaming experience; it is revolutionizing the fundamental ways in which user data is utilized and valued in the digital world.

KGeN’s Right to Win

We have known Manish and Ishank for many years now and firmly believe that there are no two people better suited than them to build out this grand vision of the biggest gaming community in the world.

Manish Agarwal is an IIM-A & NIT-W alum and joined India's nascent gaming ecosystem 15 years ago post successful stints with companies like Hindustan Unilever and Microsoft. As CEO of Nazara, he was the driving force in making it India's first & only publicly listed gaming company. Manish was also the co-chair of IAMAI Gaming Council and the Convenor of the FICCI Gaming Committee.

Ishank Gupta is an IIT-Bombay & Wharton alum who over the past decade has operated and advised consumer firms in China, the UK, South Africa, and India. During his stints with marquee global companies like AB InBev & BCG he has built and led cross-functional and diverse teams. He actively invests in early-stage ventures focussed on consumer and blockchain.

KGeN is off to a promising start with early momentum and partnerships

  • The platform now boasts a community of 3.6 million gamers, with a monthly growth rate of 24%.
  • Over 67 million gamer attributes have been collected to date, enhancing targeting and engagement.
  • KGeN has partnered with top-tier game publishers like Krafton, Valorant, and Riot Games, achieving an approximate 75% reduction in engagement costs.

The impact of KGeN extends far beyond the in-platform economy. KGeN paves the way for gamers to leverage their digital identities in real-world commerce and beyond. Gamers will have the opportunity to transform the equity built from their digital attributes on the platform into tangible real-world advantages like exclusive offers on gaming products, cashbacks on e-commerce and food delivery, or access to beta programs of premier games. As trust in the KGEN network grows, it can also expand to include more personal and transaction data, like Instagram posts and other social media activities. This broader data integration means that all advertising targeting could eventually be managed through the KGeN network, ensuring that gamers benefit directly from the monetization of their own data.

The possibilities of applying KGeN to the broader digital landscape are innumerable. We’re very excited about the ‘gaming with a purpose’ mission behind KGeN and are thrilled to be supporting Manish and Ishank in this journey.