We're announcing our seed round behind the outstanding team at Facet.ai, a system for creative marketing teams.

Visual storytelling is core to today's fastest growing brands. It could be the synthetic glow on a Peloton rider, or the feeling of adventure of someone with an Away suitcase — whatever it is, great brands make us feel something. And the best brands pull visual storytelling in as part of their product versus layering it on after the fact. That's key to building community, accessing broad and diverse markets, and solving customer acquisition at scale.

Creating and managing assets across channels involves countless hours of image editing and post-production — work that far outstrips the average creative marketing team. We love companies applying automation to areas where workflow outgrows headcount. Facet brings the computational power of the cloud to creativity, delivering editing tools with a heavy dose of automation. In so doing, they help teams radically multiply their output so even the smallest teams can tell stories globally.

Joe and Matt are creatives at heart. We love how mission driven they are, and how focused they are on solving hard technical problems for their users. We're excited to help Facet tell its story as a fast-growing startup and a new force in the creative tools stack.