Accel led the Series A in UserLeap. TechCrunch has the news, and I’m excited to give my perspective on the company.  Also be sure to check out the company’s blog post.

Software continues to be the biggest macro trend around. More of it is being built, it's being built faster than ever, and the value of building it well has never been greater.

That has spurred a rapid advance in the ecosystem of tooling used to build great software products:

  • Version control systems, such as git, have become more decentralized, higher velocity, and higher resolution.
  • Error and performance monitoring systems, like Sentry, have gotten better and more of the value such systems provide is from being live with production applications as opposed to relying too much on pre-production testing.
  • Split testing and feature flags have become increasingly common even for smaller companies
  • Product analytics suites have become incredibly robust

In summary, tooling for software products has become higher resolution, faster, and moved more and more into production. UserLeap is bringing those same principles to user research for your product. They make it easy to perform high resolution, iterative user research about your product. It's the kind of product, where once you see it, you wonder why everyone isn't already using it.

Founder and CEO, Ryan Glasgow, has worked in product for over a decade, and with UserLeap he's addressing a pain point he’s felt himself. The whole team is wonderful and as often happens after a fundraise, they're hiring!

The company hasn't been accepting customers for long, but they've already signed up some of the best product companies in Silicon Valley including Square, Opendoor, and some incredible others to be announced soon. Suffice to say, millions of people are already giving product feedback via UserLeap.. You should try it!