We’re excited to lead the Series B in Radar, a location data platform company. They’re fast becoming the standard for how developers manage and express location-based experiences in mobile apps, all in a privacy-first way.

That need is growing immeasurably. So many real-world actions now start in an app: ordering food, hailing a car, checking in at the gym — apps today mediate all kinds of real world outcomes. Location is fast becoming a core input for anyone delivering engaging, personalized customer experiences. But getting there requires abstractions that handle the shape and complexity of location data. To do so in a way that honors user privacy is a complex technical challenge. For this, Radar guides the way.

Per our "APX" (APIs x everything) thesis, great product teams focus on their core value propositions, handing off complex pieces of an application to the experts. We've seen breakout abstractions in payments (Braintree, Stripe), messaging (Messagebird, Twilio), data (Segment) and infrastructure (AWS). There are no better location services experts than Radar. Nick, Coby and Tim met building products at Foursquare, the OG for this generation of location data. We led Radar’s seed in 2016 and are lucky to be leading their Series B.

Radar has a rich product roadmap, and lots to do as it builds the community. We're hiring across the board in to execute on it. Come find us in Brooklyn!


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