“How do I access the VPN?”

“Where are our new employee on-boarding docs?”

“How do I add dependents to my health plan?”

“I dropped my phone, can I get it replaced?”

Companies of all sizes struggle with resolving workplace service and information requests.

The standard frontline responders — IT, HR, facilities managers, office managers, and other teams — hope to spend the bulk of their time focused on the big work that keeps their companies running. They’re strapped for time for responding to requests.

On top of that, enterprise knowledge is fragmented — filed away in Dropbox folders, buried in Google docs, scribbled in Confluence wikis and tucked in Evernotes. It’s often mis-tagged and rarely kept up-to-date.

Yet efficiently servicing requests like these is vital to how work gets done — and how employees can be their best and most productive selves.

We’re excited to announce our Series A in Spoke, which is applying AI and design-first thinking to fixing workplace requests. Like all great software, Spoke does many things well, but a few things exceptionally:

  1. It allows employees to get the information or support they need through the channel of their choice — Slack, text, or email;
  2. It supercharges the entire flow in powerful AI, auto-answering requests as they come in;
  3. It gives central IT, HR, office management, and other teams a beautifully intuitive request management system to help resolve service requests efficiently.

Spoke gives employees the real-time help they need, while freeing the teams that typically provide workplace support to focus on running their companies’ operations. It’s one of the clearest examples of applied AI in the enterprise that’s driving productivity gains throughout an organization.

We’re very excited to partner with Jay Srinivasan, Pratyus Patnaik, David Kaneda, and the rest of the Spoke team as they power a brighter and more intelligent workplace.