In the 40 years since Accel’s founding, we’ve seen the emergence of many groundbreaking technologies. We have had the immense privilege of partnering with some of the world’s most exceptional company builders. Last year, we launched Spotlight On as a platform for these established and rising tech leaders to share their learnings, challenges, and breakthroughs.

Examining the technology transforming our world through conversations with the people building it.

Season one focused on artificial intelligence (AI), one of history’s most significant technological inflection points. We spoke with experts in AI from Arm, AssemblyAI, Scale, and Synthesia, among others, who shared strategies for cutting through the noise and building powerful products during this period of rapid transformation.

The rate of advancement, across all of tech, is accelerating like never before. For season two of Spotlight On, we're expanding our focus to include company-builders from across technological verticals—cybersecurity, SaaS, cloud computing, e-commerce, fintech, developer tools, and beyond.

We’ll speak to leading minds from some of today's most important private and public companies, including 1Password, Chainalysis, CrowdStrike, Klaviyo, Wonder, and more. Each week, they’ll help us explore the challenges and opportunities of building companies in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape. 

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