We are excited to introduce the newest member of our venture team, Amy Saper!

Amy joins us after many years at Stripe where she held a variety of product marketing roles and helped launch and market a myriad of products, including their Connect product for marketplaces and platforms, as well as products for SaaS business and early stage startups. Previously she led marketing and international teams at Twitter.

Amy is a force of nature; each time we met, we learned something new. She loves working with teams at their founding stages, helping shape their thinking around end-user experience and go-to-market—like us, she believes in "great products, well distributed." She's been a huge resource to the founders she's worked with as an angel, and at Accel she'll lead early investments in consumer and enterprise companies with product-led approaches. We can't wait for more of you to meet her.

Venture firms, like companies, are a just collection of people. We try to find teammates who are deeply connected to our values, but also expand our thinking and worldview. Amy is no exception. With her, we'll all grow.

You can reach her at @Amy on Twitter.