Zhenya Loginov

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London, UK
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Zhenya Loginov joined Accel in 2023 and has a particular interest in SaaS/Cloud, Enterprise IT and Developer Tooling businesses.

Prior to Accel, Zhenya held roles in multiple Accel portfolio companies. Most recently, Zhenya was CRO at Miro where he ran the go-to-market team of more than 700 people across 12 global offices. Prior to Miro, Zhenya was Segment’s COO. Here, he built and ran a global go-to-market team of more than 200 people and expanded the product-market fit into the enterprise. This then led to Segment’s acquisition by Twilio for $3.2B. Before Segment, Zhenya led teams at Dropbox across a number of different functional areas.

Zhenya holds a mathematics degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.



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