Origins Story:
Amr Awadallah of Cloudera

The Business

Data is one of the most precious resources in any company, but it’s being generated in more varieties and at greater volumes than ever before. Here, incumbent data management systems and analytics tools struggle mightily. Cloudera leverages a multitude of open-source bits (Apache Hadoop, among others) to help companies build scalable and query-able data warehouses. Today, with more 500 customers worldwide, the company’s Hadoop platform is fast becoming the standard for how enterprises power their data initiatives.

The Partnership

Cloudera was founded in Accel’s office in 2008, led by former Facebook chief data scientist Jeff Hammerbacher, along with Doug Cutting, Mike Olson and Amr Awadallah. Accel’s Ping Li helped incubate the company with Accel providing Cloudera’s seed funding. Ping has served on the board of directors since 2008, when Accel led the company’s Series A financing.