Today, we are delighted to share our Series C investment in Misfits Market. 

At Accel, we are eager to partner with founders who are determined to transform aspects of our daily life. Misfits Market’ founder, Abhi Ramesh is doing exactly that. The company is increasing access to quality organic food while simultaneously eliminating food waste - a bold vision that will impact both supplier and consumer behavior.  

While we’ve seen many on-demand delivery businesses in recent years, Misfits Market is making fresh progress by rethinking the very foundation of the grocery industry: the food supply chain. Misfits Market leverages direct relationships with farmers and producers to eliminate inefficiencies and equally benefit all parties involved. This approach paired with the strong technology powering the Misfits’ platform means the company is able to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest prices to consumers across the country. 

When our team first met Abhi, we were struck by his unshakable commitment to affordability, convenience, and sustainability. In three short years, Abhi and the Misfits Market team have built a rapidly growing business that is serving hundreds of thousands of loyal customers. The story is only beginning to unfold and we can’t wait for the next phase of the journey. 

The success of our portfolio of eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and delivery services like Gopuff, Deliveroo, Swiggy, and Cornershop are a testament to the golden moment we’re having in food innovation. We are humbled to grow our portfolio in the category and to partner with Misfits Market in support of a more efficient food supply chain.

Welcome, Abhi and team to the Accel Family!

- Christine Esserman & Ryan Sweeney