Working together at Trifork in Denmark, colleagues Geeta, Christian, and Kresten saw firsthand the importance of good health to a mission-critical system. Christian was focused on developing and running a central medical records service that provided up-to-date information on patients’ treatment plans, medication requirements, allergies and more. This system had to be accessible to healthcare professionals at all times or the sector would freeze and the risk of errors would increase. The importance of monitoring and having a deep understanding of how the system was running, in real-time, was key.

This sense of urgency led the Humio team to realize that legacy tools available to scrutinize data and generate critical insights just weren’t up to the task. Faced with the complexity and resource demands of new cloud-native environments, along with the exponential rise in the volume and velocity of data, existing mechanisms for categorizing and querying data were showing the strain. By the time an error was spotted, it was almost too late to rectify. This is how the idea for Humio took shape, offering a modern approach to an old problem: how to store and mine insights from log data. Today’s enterprises needed an infrastructure that enabled them to log everything and answer anything in real-time. 

When we started engaging in depth with Geeta, Christian, and Kresten back in 2018, we were blown away by their understanding of this problem and the product they’d created (not to mention the exceptional hygge culture they’d built for the Humio team in the beautiful town of Aarhus). With firsthand experience and a developer-first mindset for today’s modern IT environments, it was (in Humio’s words): “all about getting you back to feeling the hum of your systems by exploring, iterating, and understanding all logs”. 

What the team had created with the Humio platform was a phenomenal example of engineering excellence. Humio could handle a volume of logs and ingest velocity that the competition couldn’t and deliver all of this at a disruptive price point. It was the sheer amount of thought, time and effort that had been put into the core product that made this possible. In addition to this engineering excellence, the DevOps community had been quickly won over by how delightful Humio is to use and customers on both sides of the Atlantic were making the leap from decades-old architectures to Humio. Creating value for these customers and obsessing over meeting their needs is still at the heart of Humio’s business and just last year the company was named a Gartner Cool Vendor.

All of the reasons that convinced us to lead their Series A just two years ago, and the huge volume and velocity requirements in the security space, make Humio the ideal solution to augment CrowdStrike’s next-generation eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) platform. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see two portfolio companies and phenomenal teams join forces. Congratulations to the Humio team and thank you for letting us be part of your story!

- Andrei & Adrian on behalf of Accel