We’re thrilled to congratulate the PagerDuty team on their public debut today, the latest amazing milestone in a ten-year journey.

Like many of our most successful companies, PagerDuty was a business born out of founder frustration—in this case, why couldn’t a modern product be built to proactively assist engineers with recognizing and solving mission-critical technology infrastructure issues. It was a thorny and consistent enough problem that PagerDuty founders, Alex Solomon, Andrew Miklas, and Baskar Puvanathasan, left lucrative careers at Amazon in 2009 to tackle it.

It was clear to us that PagerDuty had all the characteristics necessary to be one of the next great enterprise software platforms. Accel led its growth investment in 2017, joining a group of fantastic partners while simultaneously becoming one of the company’s largest shareholders.

Our investment also coincided with the arrival of PagerDuty CEO, Jenn Tejada. Simply put: Jenn is a force. Since joining, she has been a great partner to the founding team and continued PagerDuty’s tradition of hiring and developing world-class talent. Jenn’s relentless focus on the needs of the PagerDuty Community and customer base has led to a steady cadence of new and innovative solutions broadening the company’s reach within the enterprise. Today, the company has the privilege of serving over 10,000 customers globally including over 40% of the Fortune 500.

Jenn, Alex, Andrew, and Baskar are what we refer to as Accel “originals”—category-defining people and companies who are reshaping the facets of our everyday lives. Our team has a rich history of partnering with originals to reshape important facets of the world, including how we communicate (Facebook), shop (Jet.com, Etsy, Flipkart), entertain ourselves (Spotify, Supercell), and work (PagerDuty, Slack).

While today is an important milestone and one that should be celebrated, we are very cognizant of the immense opportunity ahead and confident that this is only the beginning for you. Jenn, Alex, Andrew, Basklar, and the entire PagerDuty team, Congratulations! Thank you for including us on your journey and we can’t wait to see what you do next!