Today, Adobe announced it is acquiring It's an outstanding achievement for a team that has blown through walls to build a market-defining collaboration company for video teams globally. We couldn't be more proud. 

To Emery, John and the team: a huge thank you from Accel, our partners, and our LPs. 

We've observed time and again that great companies are one (small) part great product. They’re mostly a collection of people with a strong governing culture and a value system that lights the way. 

Frame has nine such values — and two always stuck out to me. 

"Perforate the sticker" is in homage to Apple. It's the gently scored sticker that adds that satisfying feel each time you peel open a new product box. Somewhere along the way a package designer stopped short of shipping a standard sticker on a standard box, and decided this tactile cue was worth the extra expense.  More broadly, "perforating the sticker" is the value of pushing oneself the extra mile in creating value. Find every opportunity to deliver delight. 

"Dig the hole" references an Elon Musk story. He and his team were debating a project that required excavating the employee lot. The team batted around timelines that amounted to months. Musk stopped: why not start right away? How long would it take to move the cars and grab shovels? Within the day the cars were gone and they'd dug a few feet. Put differently, ambitious projects take time but there's nothing like just getting started. Get the shovel into the ground. 

I can't wait to see what's ahead for as part of Adobe. However the journey looks, I know they'll build amazingly delightful products with the same deliberate, active attitude as before. It's who they are. 

Frame will always be part of the Accel family. Cheers to this incredible outcome and to all the work ahead. We'll be rooting for you.