We’re excited to share that the Accel team has again partnered with AssemblyAI to lead its Series C.

The rate of innovation by the AssemblyAI team since we first invested over a year ago has been staggering. While we always believed in the team’s mission of creating superhuman Speech AI models that would spur new businesses and applications built on voice data, we didn’t think they’d achieve so much of it so quickly.

Their rapid progress is a testament to CEO and founder Dylan Fox’s clear vision and leadership. He has surrounded himself with a remarkable team of former DeepMind, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Meta research leaders and scientists. The team’s deep and nuanced understanding of how AI impacts voice and what future applications look like allows them to iterate on new features and products quickly—and their customers love it. AssemblyAI now handles 25M+ daily inference calls for a range of fast-growing AI companies and enterprises. A staggering 10,000+ new organizations and developers sign up for their API. 

As a partner to the team since the company’s Series A, we’re thrilled to work even more closely with Dylan and the AssemblyAI team as they continue advancing the state-of-the-art Speech AI capabilities.

What did our team first see in AssemblyAI CEO and founder Dylan Fox? Hear from our partners Steve Loughlin and Sara Ittelson, who sit down with Dylan in our inaugural podcast episode of Spotlight On: AI to discuss how they met, the founding story behind AssemblyAI, and more.