It was just over four months ago that we shared our Series A investment in Vivun, a PreSales platform conceived by a team of former sales executives that were frustrated by the lack of communication and transparency between product and sales engineering.

Not only was CEO and co-founder, Matt Darrow solving a large and overlooked problem for a critical sales function, but as I shared in my earlier post about the company, his vision for the application of data science was also highly differentiated. To be able to communicate bi-directionally between product and PreSales using natural language processing and product feedback clustering was unlike anything else in the market. To use explainable AI to enhance sales forecasting also has the potential to be completely disruptive.

What the Vivun team was building instantly clicked with us, and the network and partners that they had surrounded themselves with from the start—including Slack, Salesforce and Jira—were ones we knew well at Accel. So it comes as no surprise that Matt would continue to surround himself with smart, strategic partners as he grows Vivun.

The PreSales market has been long underserved, but in this era of remote work, there's no denying communication is key. While the team wasn't in need of additional capital so quickly, today's news is a testament to enterprises' need for Vivun. Autodesk, Okta, and Dell SecureWorks, and others have quickly embraced Vivun’s platform.

We believe in the PreSales community, and we believe Vivun has an extraordinary vision for their platform that extends well beyond today’s stakeholders. We’re thrilled to welcome Menlo Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Atlassian Ventures to the Vivun family and excited to partner alongside Matt and the entire Vivun team.