Today I’m excited to share that Accel co-led EdgeDB’s Series A, following up on our Seed in 2019. EdgeDB is building a modern relational database with a deep focus on the developer experience. EdgeDB has a straightforward data model and query language, ergonomic client APIs, and simple schema migrations. It makes developers 10x more productive than with any other DB.

I first met the EdgeDB team, Yury and Elvis, through David Cramer, the founder and CTO of Sentry. At the time they were based in Toronto working as elite consultants for companies like Microsoft, Pinterest, GE, and Nintendo. They were also famed open source developers in the Python community, and contributors of work including async/await, uvloop, and asyncpg. A lot has happened since…

In 2019, we led the Seed investment in EdgeDB. Yury and Elvis had decided to take some ideas they’d come back to time and time again as consultants and productize it as a new modern database for developers. They then picked up and moved their families to the Bay Area to meet people in the area. COVID-19 made this more challenging, but the team still managed to get a lot done. EdgeDB 1.0 launched in February 2022 and a community began to build. In July 2022, 2.0 launched and has tens of thousands of active users and a thriving community (check out the Discord). Before the end of the year, they will launch EdgeDB Cloud to make it even easier to get started and scale up.

We are very excited to work even more closely with Yury, Elvis and the rest of EdgeDB in building the modern database for the modern developer. If you want to join the team, they’re hiring! Head over to TechCrunch or their blog to learn more.

–– Dan Levine