We're thrilled to announce we've led the Series A at Knoetic, a fast-growing people analytics software company.

Much was written this past year about the future of work and how it’s permanently distributed and pushed to the cloud. Less discussed was the heavy burden felt by Chief People Officers to manage this transition and plan for a new, complex future. Across our portfolio people leaders worked overtime to make sure teammates thrived in this new setup, while inventing what workforce planning meant going forward.

For many of them, Knoetic was a critical superpower. Talent teams today sit across a litany of workflow tools, each with different data models. Knoetic integrates those systems to create a single source of truth and exposes key analytics capabilities to CPOs who've never before had data-driven insights. What does attrition look like in a certain region, across a certain slice of our employees? How does our offer look for this distributed role, relative to the compensation bands we have near HQ? How are our D&I efforts showing up in leadership promotions?

The best most resilient companies have strong and active people teams. The best people teams have the right data to make informed decisions. I think Knoetic-powered companies will invariably be stronger companies. I can't wait to see the impact we'll make in the years ahead.

Our founder Joseph Quan and his team live and breathe “people” people. By day they passionately drive their product roadmap forward and activate new customers. By night they’re deep in the forums enabling rich conversations among their users. You can’t find a more committed, invested team trying to unleash the potential of people leaders. We're hiring across the board — join us!