Trends such as the shift to cloud, digitization via SaaS applications, and the adoption of new-age Gen AI platforms are transforming various business operations today. Alongside these transformations, these software and service providers are also impacting how businesses deal with data. The splurge in information and data has increased risk surfaces for organizations. Research conducted by Ponemon Institute mentions that 50%+ organizations face data breaches and cyber attacks related to third-party providers annually, and many more are at risk.

To protect customer and business data, regulatory frameworks, security, and privacy standards are also frequently updated. This is incredibly important to maintain trust between businesses, partners, and customers. Trust is, after all, the currency of any business transaction. Adhering to protocols like Systems and Organization Controls (SOC), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), or GDPR, depending on where customer data is collected and the business is located, has become non-negotiable for every company in every sector, whether technology-first or otherwise.

Historically, larger companies (>1000 employees) serving a large number of customers needed compliance certification. However, now we are seeing small companies with just 25 employees needing to provide compliance certifications to their customers. Companies of every size are aware that not adhering to regulations and not keeping up with the highest standards of security invariably leads to a damaged reputation, fines, and a loss of business.

Unfortunately, the road to achieving compliance has traditionally not been easy. Many times, smaller and mid-size businesses end up diverting resources and putting their engineering, HR, and admin teams onto filling out multiple security compliance forms - essentially choosing between focusing on core business problems or achieving compliance. That’s not a choice that business leaders want to make. Also, often, this information pack is stored in a scattered fashion, requiring significant effort in collation every time an update is required.

Sprinto is changing security compliance. They are leveling the playing field for small to mid-size companies who want to ensure continuous compliance and healthy operational practices, ensuring that they don’t have to choose between growth and meeting security regulations.

We have known Girish and Raghuveer since their first startup, Recruiterbox. We believe it is their unusual quality of being visionaries in the category while also being sharp on-ground executors that has led to Sprinto’s category-leading growth trajectory.

Their plug-and-play solution for compliance is revolutionary - it's a savior for thousands of ‘new to compliance’ small and medium-sized businesses. It’s a simple yet powerful automation platform that puts security compliance on autopilot, seamlessly integrating with cloud setups to consolidate risk, map entity-level controls, and run fully automated checks. It stands out as it prompts remediation, gathers evidence, and ensures compliance – all in real time within one platform. It already supports over 20 compliances, has over 40 audit partners, and has customers in 75 countries. We’re thrilled to continue to support Girish and Raghuveer in their mission to ensure compliance becomes a driver of growth for businesses.

– Shekhar Kirani and Rishika Garg