We're excited to announce our Series A in Catalyst, a fast emerging SaaS company building the platform for customer success. Today's technology companies live and die by their customer experience; customer success management is vital to maintaining and growing revenue. We love how Catalyst is re-wiring "success" across an organization — with native integrations, modern automated workflows, and fast beautiful software. There's a big independent company to be built behind the default system in this category. We think Catalyst is it.

Their timing couldn't be better. If there's anything to be learned from the recent wave of software IPOs, it's that companies that retain and expand their customers disproportionately win their markets. The post-sales experience is the highest leverage point for companies — it's the difference maker between lucrative renewals vs. costly churns. Teams today can rely on a mature set of tools to acquire and sell to customers, but tooling for post-sales success is still shockingly immature or cumbersome. Until now!

The customer success movement is sweeping across our best, most ambitious companies. Catalyst's founders Edward and Kevin have deep intimacy with this problem having run sales and success at Digital Ocean in a prior life. They're unwavering in their commitment to building a world class team and culture, and have an intense fire for building the market defining company here. We're thrilled to support them.

On to big things!