Accel led the Series A in ReadMe. TechCrunch broke the news, and I’m excited to give my perspective on the company.

We spend a lot of time talking about and investing in APIs at Accel. We think they are the new black.

As the API ecosystem matures there is an opportunity to productize best practices from leaders in the space and build meaningful companies around those products.

ReadMe enables its customers to help their developers & partners succeed. They’ve productized the best practices from companies such as Twilio and Stripe and democratized them for everyone else.

ReadMe started with documentation, but has rounded out the offering with community to enable communications with a platform’s developers and now metrics to better understand them. There’s much more to come as well. As ReadMe grows they dedicate more and more wonderful people to democratizing the best API tools in the world on behalf of their existing and new customers. Over 3,000 customers already use ReadMe, but if we do our job well enough, it will be silly for anyone with an API not to also use them. Our customer should spend their time on their core product and ReadMe will take care of the rest.

The company and product aren’t the only things I’m excited about. I’ve gotten to know the team, led by Greg Koberger, and they’re an awesome group as well. When I worked at Dropbox, one of our core values was an illustration of a cupcake. It was intentionally abstract and people interpreted it in different ways. For me, it represented a fun, lighthearted environment where people strived to delight. Greg, Owlbert, and the ReadMe team are some of the most cupcake people I’ve been around.

If you’ve got an API and want to make sure your users are delighted, sign up for ReadMe. If you are passionate about developers and APIs and want to work to make their experience’s better, ReadMe is hiring.