Today we’re announcing our Series A round in Vorlon, a platform for comprehensive third-party API security, following our Seed round in 2022.

The digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate. APIs are one of the biggest driving forces, enabling seamless interaction between systems, platforms, and apps. Today, a typical large enterprise utilizes over 25,000 APIs – but with this proliferation also comes security risks.

Nearly every organization has an API relationship with a vendor who has experienced a recent data breach. The problem is not the security threats alone but the time it takes to detect and address them. In many cases, companies won’t find out about a breach until months after it occurred. 

Vorlon’s powerful approach minimizes the time to detect and remediate to just minutes. Their initial success is largely due to the technical expertise of its early team and the cybersecurity company-building experience of founders Amir and Amichay. We are fortunate to have known the team for years and to be a continued partner in their journey.

Accel has a long history of investing in API-based companies including AssemblyAI, Checkr, Merge, Mux, Segment, and others, and we’ve seen the enduring importance of this category. There are businesses of all sizes in need of modern, effective API solutions, and we’re delighted to continue to support Vorlon as they detect and remediate third-party API security threats.

– Steve Loughlin